what i eat in a day at home🍜🥬 (plant based asian recipes)


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🥑 japanese avocado toast:
🥜 peanut sauce:

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  1. zoenotzoey

    happy new year loves 🥳💖

    may 2021 bring good health, joy and more laughter to us all!!

  2. soft girl <3

    Soft girl <33 🌸🍧🍧

  3. yeusy veren


  4. tonamiecal

    She literally put a picture of a bottle of siracha on her walls lol

  5. mary

    i'm stay here to practice my listening 😶

  6. Emily Poligerinos

    Would love to see you review your favourite anime's! I'm in need of some new shows to watch :))))

  7. jion zenab

    Can you add an Arabic language please?

  8. pooper

    Hi Zoe!! I love ur content so much! Especially the "what i eat in a day" videos are so satisfying to watch. U have helped me so much with eating healthier. I hope u have an amazing day ! Thank u 🙂

  9. very perfect

    I feel like everyone is watching Attack On Titans… waiting for each episode is something I havent done for so long!!

  10. Abdul Munaf

    Zoe addicted to your videos watching them from the first one 😂
    Waiting for urs next video ❤️

  11. GᖇEEᑎ TᗩE

    Suddenly you came in my mind, I miss your videos i hope you're doing well😌

  12. foreverchickadee

    Adored everything about this video, per usual. 😊💖

  13. Victoria Meyer

    Let’s get her to 1 million subscribers 😃

  14. Jeani Oei

    Yass for attack on titan❤️

  15. Veronica Stepien

    Let's face it this is the only reason we are productive! I am a big fan zoeynotzoey!

  16. by Erilein

    You absolutely inspired me to start my own youtube channel! Love to watch your what I eat in a day videos. I'm planning to do one too! 🙂

  17. lorena ୨୧

    why are you so aesthetic? 🤧

  18. Puma Starseed

    Zoe miss you

  19. Sweet Cookie

    Are you inspired by flimedbylucy

  20. Michelle Luo

    Ily queen zoe 👑 u r my idol

  21. n

    Pls update more animal crossing vids

  22. pleng mini

    I am missing you video

  23. Omi Omi

    Me seeing this vid:
    me thinking that I have me u but idk that vid:
    Then me realizing u were in a ad

  24. Romina Ruth Rañola

    can you do more animal crossing videos?, your 5 star islands is so cute

  25. فانزة Kim Ryan

    you butefule😇💖

  26. human marie

    who else saw the ad for grammerly with her

  27. Rose Kuo

    Attack on titan 😍😍

  28. Georgie’s Crazy Corner

    PLZ PLZ do an animal crossing video!!!!!! I would love it!!

  29. Bhavya Keerthi

    Zoe it's been 2 weeks since u posted your Last video


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