What I Ate In A Week (Healthy Asian Recipes)

Who’s hungry? Time to dive into another week’s worth of meals, but this time all Asian recipes. We’ve got my usual fruit plates, nostalgic Korean dishes, and other Asian-inspired meals.


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  1. Jenn Im

    The kitchen is open, ya'll! Today's video is a week of only Asian meals. Surprisingly it was pretty easy to do. Which dish would you try?

  2. Its me Noon

    Ben looks like Bruce Willis

  3. MereSincere

    I want to know what your hubby was saying about death row and evidence 😂

  4. Leslie Jordan

    Thanks to Dr okosun on YouTube for helping me cure my herpes virus with the help of herbal medication, thank you Dr okosun and God bless 🙏

  5. Billy Maggs

    where’s your water bottle from!🥺

  6. Heidy Kramer

    Can you eat fig skin?

  7. Shahira Ali

    You are so cute together

  8. G O

    I’m Asian and happy to see international couple enjoy Asian meals together. 🔆🧡

  9. Klaudia Pilarczyk

    Love the nod of approval after each bite!! ❤️

  10. janbxb

    “bibimbap” is such a cute word😫

  11. Hailey Julia suarez

    Love your nails always

  12. Amélie

    I don't eat the skin of fresh figs, may that's why you got "allergic"? Looking forward to your videos 🙂 bon appetit!

  13. Stephanie Nolan

    I've never eaten a fig before but it never occurred to me that you just eat the entire thing haha. These videos are so lovely, I'm inspired to try some of these recipes out, everything looks so satisfying and hearty!

  14. SimpleLivings

    Now I understand why Asians look so young. It's all in their diet in the way they prepare their food.

  15. SimpleLivings

    I noticed in your diet you eat a lot of vegetables.

  16. sonas p

    Just come across all your videos and Its giving me some inspiration to try out new recipes.Thank you! Could you tell us which knife set you use. Currently looking for a good block but stuck on what to go for.

  17. j choi

    참외안에있는 씨가 매력인데!!!!!

  18. MK

    How are your teeth so white? Do you do anything to them other than washing?

  19. Gina Yen

    Everything you make is so good

  20. Cherry Lanna

    where is that cute rainbow top from ❤️_❤️ ?

  21. Hannah Couture

    Omg I need to know where your rainbow top you wore when you ate the bimbimpop

  22. stylist pk

    Im from Thailand and im soooooo glad and happy that you like Thai food🥰🥰 Have you ever been to Thailand? I recommend!!!

  23. M D

    the green shirt/makeup combo is cute.

  24. Suet Clare

    Unlike the many processed foods available in US markets, I like that you use more "natural" ingredients you use in your meals.

  25. morise nouga

    Her food vidéo are so pleasing to watch and super relaxing and it gives you so much positive vibes !!

  26. Anne Wahl

    The volatile market ipsilaterally smash because trunk puzzlingly bury amongst a brainy bath. warm, fluffy watchmaker

  27. Catherine Rigby

    Does anyone know what type/brand of rice she uses?

  28. alina starkov

    status: hungry

  29. lpngjas


  30. Inês Filipa

    Omg song of achilles 😭😭😭😭

  31. Reg Bg

    Why nobody is talking about how LOW CALORIE she eats?

  32. Katrice Sutherland

    Lol someone please make a compilation just of her going "mmmm"

  33. Natalie Harding

    I’m going back to these “what I eat in a week” videos to get ideas and I love these☺️

  34. Samantha Brown

    Please tell us where you get your bowls and kitchenware from?!

  35. Kierra Bowens

    Her husband is to sweet to her 🥺


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