Vegan Chinese-Inspired Takeout Recipes!


Today I’m sharing 2 Chinese-inspired takeout recipes, with a vegan twist! Full recipes are linked below, as well as a link to the Nasoya store locator so you can find their tofu in a store near you 🙂

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  1. Latasha Willer

    For your second recipe, is it normal for the soy curls to be chewy? What the texture so that you know it's done?

  2. YuiHirasawa17

    Today i made the Black Pepper Tofu and it was delicious!! I also added some carrot to the recipe. Thank you so much for this video!!! <3

  3. Homosapien .a

    Do you remember when people used to eat cute peaceful animals
    I can't believe human used to do that

    I'm coming from 2090

  4. singer2be

    I was gonna make the sesame chicken today but I just realized we don't have rice vinegar, only apple cider and malt. Will it make a big difference if I leave out the rice vinegar?

  5. Adam Meek

    if caitlin can't say 'a' correctly, I'm out'v this crap english channel…yep.

  6. Michelle Iribe

    If people are vegan for their health WHY tf eat cornstarch? Disgusting

  7. Louise Bradley

    We have just made the vegan sesame chicken all the way in Liverpool England!! We have soya chunks here instead of curls so really Small in comparison but still soooo good!! Really enjoyed 10/10! Thank you so much xxx

  8. Curtis H Avendaño

    Could You also ground the black pepper corn? Fake pork fried rice or fake chicken chow mein.

  9. Abbie M

    These look so good. Thanks for sharing

  10. Connie McNally

    I'd love it if you could do a spicy Eggplant Tofu recipe (yes, similar to Panda Express) and chow mein recipe.

  11. Irene M

    omg! i didn't see this video and I'd looooove it😍 thank you for sharing your recipes

  12. Saimarie Rivera

    I Tried this recipe and I AM IN LOVE!!! I'm surprised by how easy it is to make. IT"S REALLY GOOD! Can't wait to do it again!

  13. Nicol

    Please recreate Moo Goo Gai Pan!

  14. Rachel Muller

    please recreate lo mien!

  15. Brooks Odelia

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  16. Alissa M.

    These recipes look delish!
    I love Almond Guy Ding and Singapore Noodles 😍

  17. wholoveskitty

    I need to try the soy curls “chicken” sesame. That looks really good! ❤️

  18. Charis Athena


  19. emily eliza

    i’m getting into being vegan (the best that i can) but does anyone know if the soy curls have less of the weird texture that tofu can have? thanks 🙂

  20. Rob G's Gaming

    Ordering soy curls asap lol

  21. Dhruv Singla


  22. 1024specialkay

    omg thank you for acknowledging that this is actually not "chinese food"!

  23. Jessica Ceeney

    We have a chinese supermarket near us and they actually sell vegan oyster sauce and it tastes fantastic! I've been using it in all my stir frys 😀

  24. Jessica Ceeney

    I love love tofu but I'm not that great at cooking it tbh, are you able to give any tips? I almost need like a tofu cooking masterclass in real life haha!

    Also these recipes look great, I cant wait to try them

  25. Luana

    I just made the sesame chicken. Couldn't find the soy chunks but I used some vegan chicken that we have here in the stores and it was soooo god! thank you 🙂

  26. EMILY-ROSE: The Ginger Fringe


  27. Kukku

    We call soy curls, soy chunks. We get it more round in shape and it is always available in indian supermarkets and we have them all the time.

  28. Alexander Lam

    As a Chinese man who loves food, I highly approve. Mouth was watering the entire video! Discovered your channel by accident a year ago and I've already been introduced to so many new foods and recipes. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  29. Mary Feeney

    We made the sesame “chicken” tonight. It was superb!!!

  30. Alyson Saracco

    I’ve never heard of soy curls before, but they look exactly like thin sliced chicken! Guess that’s what I get for living in rural Ohio, not exactly vegetarian friendly 😢 our local supermarket just got in prepackaged jackfruit, that’s been my newest “oooh, cool!” vegetarian meat substitute haha I’ll have to look out for soy curls though, both these recipes sound sooo delicious 🤤

  31. Blue Sparrow

    Can I grill the tofu instead of baking it? Will the effect be similar?

  32. Steph


  33. Shaniafan1

    Where can I find soy curls in Australia?

  34. Shaniafan1

    I use to love curry beef so I think I’ll make curry seitan instead :p or sweet and sour tofu. Side note there’s vegan fish and oyster sauce.

  35. mtatts08

    What brand do you use for vegan chicken broth?


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