The 8 Most Popular Recipes of 2020 from Asian at Home


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#1 Egg Fried Rice 3.77m 🔥
#2 Tantanmen 694k🔥
#3 Salt and Pepper Shrimp 649k🔥
#4 Chili Oil 605k 🔥
#5 Spicy Garlic Shrimp Noodles 490k🔥
#6 Fluffy Dumplings 433k🔥
#7 Taiwanese Fried Chicken 385k🔥
#8 Spam Fried Rice 351k🔥

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  1. Euna Lee

    Your recipes carried me through the lockdown! I always looked forward to trying out your recipes and eating yummy food!

  2. Deniz Arasli

    I can cook some Korean food I think that you are from South Korea

  3. Miniature Life

    I’ve made the chili oil and it’s amazing!

  4. Suzyq Akers

    by far my favorite of your videos. i still cannot pronounce your name. i love your recipes. Is that your brother and hubby? Is he military? My hubby spent a year in Seoul in the 80s. I am crazy about Korean food, culture, drama, and people. God bless you. I had my first Miyeokduk today, yup, i turned old. Have a blessed day

  5. Maribel Carrera

    The ending where he’s eating the spam fried rice with the big wooden spoon… big mood.

  6. Mad Audi

    Thank you!! I enjoy your videos and recipes.

  7. ButterToast

    Where are you from ??

  8. kerryanne28

    🙌🏻🙌🏻on the editing but ❤️🤤 to the chef!! Xxxx

  9. Crazy Bunimama

    💖💖Lovely Video💖💖

  10. Onomatopoeia

    just wondering, what is the song name for the Taiwanese Fried Chicken? I could not seem to find it. Food looks amazing btw

  11. Kas Stevenson

    This was beautiful! Well done Seonkyoung and family 🥰

  12. Richa Shrineel

    Can any one tell me song name please…

  13. Vian

    I always make the spicy shrimp noodles! That is my go to meal. This recipe never fails me!!!

  14. Daisy Cloud

    I like this style you use here to film. it is very peaceful and relaxing.

  15. Valerie Jackson

    So glad the Spam Fried Rice made the cut! It’s fabulous 🤗😋💚

  16. Jack Lewis Construction

    For some reason your Youtube videos stopped appearing on my home screen. What's the deal Youtube?

  17. DeAnna Iler

    I seriously love watching your videos and your whole spirit. My cousins are half Korean, my aunt is from Seoul. She baby sat us for my mom growing up and they are the god mothers to my sons today. so I’m one of those lucky people that grew up eating REAL deal homemade Korean food. When I moved to Sacramento I found your page looking for recipes to follow. I even saw your hubby one time at KP Market in rancho.. I know sometimes people just want to go to the grocery store without being harassed so I was very proud when I fought the urge to run up to him like a psycho tellling him how much I love his wife 🤣 and ask if he could FaceTime you so I could say hi 👋

    You are the bomb girl!! Keep it up 👍

  18. 小龙女她妈 Mommy Dragon's Den

    wow 😍egg fried rice, that's my ultimate comfort food🍛

  19. Reno - Korean Food Lover

    I really love 💖 you and happy for everything about you!!!

  20. Chlee CF

    I want some nowwwww 😩

  21. wifi93

    Love the music choice in this video! Who is singing during the dumplings receipe??


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