Soup Recipes : Quick & Easy Chinese Cabbage Soup Recipe


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In this video I will show you how to make quick and easy Chinese cabbage soup recipe. The soup recipe is very easy to cook, it doesn’t take long to cook and it’s very tasty. You can make it for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or for whenever you are hungry. I hope you will like my delicious Thai recipe today.

200 g ground pork
500 g Chinese cabbage
1 handful green onions and coriander together, chopped
1 teaspoon vegetable stock powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons minced garlic, black pepper, coriander roots together
2 tablespoons cooking oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce

In Instructions
1.Heat the cooking oil in a pan on high heat.
2.Add the minced garlic, black pepper and coriander roots. Sauté for 1 minute.
3.Add the ground pork. Sauté the ingredients together.
4.Season the ground pork with soy sauce and sauté until the ground pork is not pink.
5.Put the pot of water on the stove.
6.Add the cooked ground pork into the pot.
7.Add vegetable seasoning powder and salt.
8.Wait until the water boils, then add the Chinese cabbage. Allow the soup to boil for 7 minutes.
9.After 7 minutes, add the chopped green onions and chopped coriander.
10.Using a spoon to stir the ingredients together. ENJOY!

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  1. Minnie S.

    Vegan here so, I’d love to make this soup with no meat. I’d add tofu.

  2. PC Henderson

    That looks so good!

  3. Dapur Mak E

    great recipe … greetings from me👍😊🙏

  4. Jonna Rumbines

    Hi, I would like to ask if I could use some clips from your video for my PE homework?

  5. Siri k

    Can we replace pork with chicken mince..?

  6. Anne Kue

    do you have to use ground pork or can I use different meat

  7. Mariasole

    This soup has become one of my favorite soups to make during winter!

  8. Kalyan Nakata

    Just my opinion, the salt is enough to flavour the soup. Adding stock powder which contains MSG makes the soup tastes saltier than it should be. But I know its up to individual. People should learn to eat without MSG already.

  9. Remy Panikar

    Thank you, I made yesterday very good 👍.

  10. David MacDonald

    Try making it in one pot. After sauteing aromatics and meat just deglaze with a little chinese wine then add the rest.
    Less dishes and more flavor.

  11. Love & Peace

    I don't eat pork , I will make it with chicken

  12. Gregory Riley


  13. Tam Weir

    You need the ingredients in a larger print. Some of us are older.

  14. cooking with TaVi

    Good video

  15. R Shut Studio

    Your sharing are absolutely awesome!! Liked watching this wonderful upload till end. Thanks for sharing…👌👍

    New friends supporting you. Let's stay connected and visit each other.

    R Shut Studio: Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

  16. Estee Brown


  17. cooking with TaVi


  18. Justin Toth

    Just made this tonight for the first time… I didn't like it, not only was it super bland (no surprise considering how sparse the ingredient list is) but it was also really oily. If I were to make it again, I would drain the fat out of the ground pork before pouring in the water. Also, it needs a lot more salt and pepper. Lastly, an acidic note like lime juice can help cut through the oily broth, however it probably isn't true Chinese cabbage soup with this variation.

  19. CasperKing178

    What is a garlic mixture

  20. kevin ablong

    What if I don't have any coriander

  21. Purity Family TV

    Thanks you for shering yummy yummy

  22. Marie C

    Not practical! You should include the ingredients in the description box.

  23. officxl softi

    I'm going to make this tomorrow for breakfasts for my family! Let me see what they say! I'll update!

  24. Diana Woods

    That looks damn easy to make I will try it thank you 😉

  25. jheart Aquarious

    My favorite soup with crepe🤤🤤

  26. Lalitha Shan

    I made this and turned out great. Thank you for the recipe!

  27. Amanda Ellsworth

    where's the audio?

  28. Chinay kid

    Not familliar what garlic together

  29. Charm Aranda

    Salamat po sa recipe nagluluto ako ngayon nyan

  30. atlantisitecrystal

    2 tablespoons garlic and 2 tablespoon of black pepper? Garlic u mean the powder or garlic clove? Black pepper seed or black pepper powder?

  31. Faerydae

    I can't eat meat but I want to attempt this with tofu!

  32. S R

    I just use the pot from the start🤷‍♀️basically a nice way to get what you want…i came off from using instat soup powder, but as you like…some spices and blackseed is all i need for a base…🤷‍♀️but this looks yummie!

  33. red vlog channel

    nice soup yummy

  34. Chantilli Lou

    I make this very soup with chicken parts. Just boil a couple of chicken thighs or drumsticks or both, add salt.
    No need for soup bouillon! Tastes delicious.

  35. Abdul Azeez chokly


  36. Mary Sekely

    I used this as a base. I added shredded chicken with the sausage. I also used the water I boiled my chicken in as the broth for the soup. Plain water just doesn't have enough flavor and I don't buy the stock powder. I added mushrooms too. I don't buy coriander but I did have some ground coriander so I used about a teaspoon. This soup was delicious! I am going to freeze it. I am on Keto and this is perfect. Hardly any carbs at all.

  37. Davina Test

    Just a great dish

  38. kukthomas

    I made this several times and it’s good. Oily? It doesn’t taste oily but if you’re so worried about it, use leaner meat and cut the amount of oil when you sauté the meat.

  39. june harriett pukeroa

    If you don't have chines cabbage can you use normal cabbage

  40. Annie love

    Thanks for sharing ..I try it with minced beef and chicken I found this the right time am in quarantine

  41. Kathryn Ruhl

    Pork….trichinosis. ..worms…no ty

  42. Harmony Joanna

    Looks super good


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