Simple Asian Chicken Recipe

Make this easy basic Asian chicken for so many recipes to feed your family. Forget about processed chicken at the supermarket. Make your own simple Asian chicken in your Instant Pot pressure cooker!

** RECIPE **





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  1. • SUSHIMI •

    This is so relaxing 🥺

  2. yakout esmat

    Hi guys. I love steamed or boiled chicken. But I never tried dunking the chicken in water after cooking as you do every time. I wonder, wouldn’t that rinse out all the salt and wonderful flavour of the chicken and render it kinda bland? Thank you.

  3. Grace Yeh

    I love your program and I'm learning so much. It keeps my spirits up during this coronavirus time. Thank you for teaching us to feed our families better, and also offering the spiritual videos to feed our souls. I have bought both of your cookbooks, and learn from both. It's a little like taking a class with the text book and video lecture

  4. Pam Owen

    I use that instant pot at least three times a week. Tina was very nice to give me her instant pot and it was so thoughtful

  5. Lynn M

    Made this and I’m amazed at how delicious this chicken & broth was! Thanks AGAIN Flo!

  6. ayame Naka

    Hind quarters , aloha!

  7. Chris Pike

    Awesome story in here….

  8. Carbage Man

    Have you tried it sous vide?

  9. Carbage Man

    Nice music!

  10. Sandra Tagaban

    Ok now I’m crying .

  11. cdLady54 _

    Blessings to Tina and Pam. Our church calls that #ForNoReason – doing things for others because HE did it for us! Feel better Flo. You are why I now own an instant pot and your cookbook. Thank you for sharing.

  12. captarcega

    can we use thigh fillet with skin? thanks

  13. Han K

    Great video. Do you know that I’ve not found a overland cooking channel yet. Would love to see you cook using overland gear 🤗


    Leg quarter, as opposed to the breast/wing combo. Dark meat vs white meat. 😊

  15. Martha Anderson

    Leg quarters is what we call them in the USA😇

  16. SuperSheila1965

    I recommend Nettle for your allergies. Its a herb in your health food store. Helps and has no side effects.

  17. Des Kueber

    For allergies. Try Novo-Pheniram.
    An antistaphame that really works.
    100 for 13.00 something.
    Worked for me when others didn't.
    Hope it helps you.
    No prescription needed.

  18. Mike N HOC

    I ordered my instant pot!!! and the accessory kit!! Thanks to some unexpected funds!

  19. Pam Owen

    Dear Flo/Dude and Tina, I feel so blessed for the Insta Pot and for all the recipes, Dudes tastings always make me a little envious. What do you think my first recipe should be? This one seems yummy 😋 Maybe Dude should be part of this. Thank you for your kind words, Tina is a wonderful lady, she is mailing the insta pot today.

  20. Tim Martin

    So simple! I love having chicken around for meals later in the week!

  21. Mike Loftus

    So how come no video of Dude and Dudett singing "Oh Canada" on July 1st?

  22. smd 1949

    Flo, can I use ginger paste, which I do keep on hand? If so, should I place it on top of the chicken or down in the water? Love the human kindness story at the end.

  23. T

    Will you do a recipe using fermented bean curd
    or Fu yue?

  24. Kevin Bui

    Awesome work as always. Looking forward to making both the black bean spare ribs and this chicken recipe!

  25. jmleeinla

    An amazing example of grace and giving. Tina was a product of the community you have created Flo. Truly. I agree with everything the commenter said. You have changed peoples lives for the better. Your joy comes through the screen and Dude adds to that joy. Thank you so much from California. 💜✨

  26. v mcmahan

    oh my goodness….the message between Pam and Tina absolutely made me cry happy tears!! On a separate note….why is "ice" something you don't have? Do you not have a freezer? It's such a common thing in the US. —- Rice cooked in that broth must be fantastic!!

  27. Mike N HOC

    Hoping to get an instant pot soon so that I can make some of these recipes!

  28. Miki Gain

    Here in the states, chicken quarters have the leg and thigh. Chicken legs are JUST the drumstick. The reason for this is that you can get just the thighs, too. Which I like for a lot of things.

  29. Mike Fraser

    That is amazing… I upcycled my InstantPot to my friend. She loves it and makes excellent use of it! Also, I'm SHOCKED that you had that much ice! LOL

  30. Phyllis Weaver

    Oh Flo and Dude its so easy to set your pallet on fire with new foods! Through you-tubers like you guys my culinary dreams are coming true! Using an amazing array of natural spices and different cooking techniques I can savor flavors the world has enjoyed for centuries! No more fast food and expensive restaurants because Im learning to cook all over again. Baking and desserts and multi- cultural cuisine are worlds to be explored and celebrated! Im enjoying this amazing journey🥰God bless your concerted efforts to bring free cooking education to all those who are ready for a new food experience!!
    Love and blessings

  31. Mary Casperson

    I've been meaning to ask you why do you take your button off and put back on the IP. for sealing? Just curious. Thanks

  32. postems

    LOVE the recipe! I just tried it but have to admit I went a little rogue and had amazing results. I used boneless, skinless thighs (thats what I had on hand). I mixed some Better Than Boullion Chicken stock in 1 cup of water with the ginger and garlic. Seared the chicken then used the liquid to deglaze. Added the chicken and green onions to the liquid and cooked for 7 minutes. WOW, came out great. Then instead of rice I cooked a package of elbow macaroni in the liquid (plus some extra water). All the liquid absorbed and with the starch it actually made a bit of a sauce! Added some chicken back in and VOILA…..Ginger-Garlic-Green Onion Chicken pasta! The other half of the chicken left over for meals this week.

  33. Randy

    yummy i may have try this this week Flo 😊❤️

  34. Tama

    do you include the skin when you shred the chicken….. Thankyou

  35. sally burkett

    Funny she used a chopstick to put cold chicken in, but when it was hot she used tongs!

  36. Kerri Evans

    Dude trying not to make the Americand mad. Flo but we're right. 😂

  37. Kitchen Practical

    Thanks extremely useful. Will certainly share content with my pals.

  38. G. Cosper

    Actually, a leg quarter IS a quarter of a chicken because it includes back meat. A leg is the thigh and drumstick still connected . This is butcher defined. I believe it's regional differences just like soda and pop. Ex. in far south Texas ANY fizzy drink was 'coke" and it's then refined as "What flavor coke would you like with your burger?" Took me, a mid-west Wisconsinite, a full 5 minutes to figure out what the waitress meant.

  39. Marirose

    Flo, I just adore you & Dude. I’m also on low limited income due to severe, chronic illness, so when you read comment of woman who hoped to own an InstaPot someday, then a reply from the woman who upcycled her old but still great one to her, I literally cried.

    The two of you always make me smile. Love your motto/manttra, your love of community, and, oh my, your recipes.

    Question: I bough a 6cup Cosori rather than InstaPot; am rather regretting it but too late to return. Can I make your InstaPot recipes in my Cosori or not? I think you’ve addressed this question before but can’t find vlog or recall your answer. TIA for replying. Interested fans want to know. 💜🤗

  40. G. Cosper

    Tina! Such a giving thing to do, thanks

  41. Marsha Empson

    Hi there, fellow Canadian here! I wanted to comment on your chicken pieces. I’ve always seen that cut labeled as ‘chicken legs w/back attached’. Not sure if that’s actually anatomically correct though 😂 Love your channel, thanks for sharing another great recipe idea!


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