Quick Lunch/Dinner Recipe! Super Easy One Pot Sesame Oil Chicken Rice 麻油鸡饭 Rice Cooker Chinese Food


This Sesame Oil Chicken Rice is really very fragrant and supersonic comforting for the soul. Please put this in your must-try recipe folder. The steps to making this dish are really easy, using pretty basic ingredients. If you want to make this recipe in a rice cooker, watch our Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Style Vegan Mushroom Rice ( ) for the steps. For those of you who are cooking for more, just ensure that your rice to water ratio is 1:1. This means that if you need to cook 4 cups of rice, just use 4 cups of water. Please increase the other ingredients accordingly.

See the ingredient list below for your easy reference. Hope you can recreate this yummy dish in the comfort of your home. Happy cooking!

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One Pot Sesame Oil Chicken Rice
Serves 6 pax

60ml (2 fl oz) sesame oil
1 thumb-size young ginger (sliced thinly)
460g (16.2 oz or 1 lb) chicken thigh meat (cut into bite sizes)
2 tablespoons Chinese white rice wine (optional)
5 cloves garlic (sliced thinly)
A few dashes of white pepper
3 cups rice (use a rice cup to measure or a 210ml (7.1 fl oz) cup to measure)
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 teaspoon chicken stock powder (You can use chicken stock to replace water)
1.5 tablespoons premium dark soy sauce
3 cups water (use a rice cup to measure or a 210ml (7.1 fl oz) cup to measure)
2 stalks spring onion (cut into finger length)

Don’t know where to get the ingredients or don’t know how they look like? See the links below.

Sesame oil
Chinese white rice wine
White pepper
Jasmine rice
Oyster sauce
Chicken stock powder
Premium dark soy sauce

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  1. painless1991

    I made it for dinner today! I even increase the rice to 4 cups and all gone within 30 mins😅 my brother alone ate half a pot😆 thats how yummy is it

  2. juliet77

    Do you think we can just cook it in the rice cooker after cooking the chicken on the wok?

  3. Cecilia mercer

    Im gonna try these recipe look good and easy to.and its not alot of ingredients😍

  4. vilma ybañez angcla


  5. Viviana Ayen

    炒了以后,我可以放在电饭锅里煮吗? Thank u

  6. Attila Balla

    Your presentation is great 👍

  7. CCJ's Random Videos

    Been following your one pot recipes since WFH the 2nd Phase 2 last week.

    It's tasty and easy (Not to mentioned doing the dishes. Oh wait, there's no dishes. Just a pot and scoop to clean! And been experimenting with different mixes of meats, veggies and stocks instead of water. It gives the content a wholesome flavour burst.

  8. Eunice Leong

    Can show us more recipes for easy (work from home) lunches? Thanks.

  9. pdear1

    This is such a simple and delicious recipe. Thank you. I used dried shitake mushrooms instead and added the water I used to reconstitute the mushrooms in place of some of the water to cook the rice. Awesome! My whole family loves this dish. Thanks again.

  10. Milenija Arsekic

    Hello. Is there anything else I can add instead of oyster sauce or not add it at all? It will be hard to find that in the stores here and even if I do it might be expensive.

  11. Dian I

    I cooked this tonight and all gone. Husband ate it all! No traces. Thats how good it was! Simple yet very tasty!

  12. allis leong

    Hi Roland, I tried this recipe yesterday and my family loved it. This is very easy to prepare and cook. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Evelyn Lek

    All-in-1 pot just for me not a good cook. Look yummy will try it out! Thanks!

  14. Philip Raymond

    Indeed, you ARE my favorite chef Roland!! Made this for dinner last night. It was a smashing hit with friends and family. It was simple too! Can’t wait to make your chicken chop recipe. Only thing is, I’m a neat freak and the splatter in causing me some anxiety lol! Scrub scrub scrub!!

  15. Kevin Leong

    Mine to share what brand is the pot u using. Is it cast iron?

  16. Merle Charge

    First thank you for the recipe ingredients…..I love your One Pot/rice cooker recipes
    Looks so good, I can smell the aroma all the way here in 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  17. sofi yah

    EMMMM so yummy 👍👍👍👍👍

  18. Otman and Lucy

    Can you use medium grain brown rice ? How much water?

  19. Lilian Hoh

    Can I do this using a rice cooker? As in cook everything on the stove then transfer to the rice cooker, add the can of sliced mushrooms on top and cook the rice as normal?

  20. Niev

    Making this soon with quinoa instead of rice.

  21. Margaret Michael Awang

    Wow..look so testly, i will try to cook this. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vedio.👍👍

  22. Dan Mendez

    Is this the same recipe that have mustard greens and hebi?

  23. Loke Siew Hoong

    So yummy recipe… my kids lorve it..looking fwd for more 1 pot recipe…😊

  24. Mary Lim

    I tried the one pot sesame oil chicken rice recipe yesterday, it turned out well, it was super easy, quick, marvelous & my family loves it! Shall try out more of your recipes! Thanks Roland for sharing!

  25. Adjoamansah Mansah

    Very nice one dear

  26. Adjoamansah Mansah

    Very nice one dear

  27. unglue

    Ahhhhhh just so touched that u right away mentioned that the wine is optional for those u can't consume it. Thank you. Susbcribed! and I am going to try this dish this weekend. Looks amazing and mouthwatering 🙂

  28. mio akiyama

    Hi Rolland , can I use rice cooker to cook this recipe??

  29. ong jacque

    I like ur recipes a lot! Easy & taste great! Thx for sharing!

  30. Peggy-Jayne Jordaan

    Yes, this gonna be my Sunday lunch!! Especialy during this cold winter season eating ginger and garlic is good for your body and immumsystem.Thank you so much for sharing. Regards from The Netherlands 🙋🏽‍♀️.


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