Quick & Easy Congee | Jok | Rice Porridge – Thai Breakfast Recipe – โจ๊กหมูสับ แบบง่าย


One of the most classic breakfast dishes you can find in Thailand is congee or “jok”. Congee is originally Chinese, but the Thai version has its own unique style namely we use jasmine rice for more aromatic porridge, and we always add tender, delicious pork meatballs.

This version I’m showing you uses leftover rice, and is super quick and easy and cooks in 15 minutes!

For the traditional “long cooking” method for congee, see this video:






About Pai:

Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin’s Kitchen.

Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her “playtime” in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco.

After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at
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  1. Pailin's Kitchen

    HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

  2. Rob Houser

    My mother would crack eggs in and they poach. This is better than chicken and noodles when you're sick.

  3. aj aj

    you’re so pretty !

  4. Elisa Locke

    Fish Sauce=Love

  5. Rike Duke

    Love your channel anyway! But right now totally obsessed with the quick and easy theme! BTW loved your sri racha! 😀

  6. Aoh Dinakara

    Omg.. it's so yummy!! Thank you very much.

  7. Sam Siddiqui

    In India, savoury rice porridge is called kanji. But it does not contain chicken or other meats. It may sometimes contain a small amount of lentil.

  8. M K

    I used to cook jook on my stove all day. I now use my pressure cooker, rice bits, and lots of water. I then water it down more after it comes out of the pressure cooker. No more cooking all day! I cook the rice bits 45 minutes in the pressure cooker.

  9. Tai Kolman

    Well, when I was a child, my Mom 👩 she used to make this dich for us every time anyone feels sick because this dich contains Rice, and meat and it's not so heavy so that we can eat it easily when we are sick 🤣🤣🤣 so me and brother we call this dich ( Sick ppl food )

  10. Suong Schlosky

    Thanks so much 🙏❤️ I love this 😇 You’re so Cute ☺️

  11. Vamsi Krishna

    Your English subtitles covered the dish

  12. Francine Yagi

    I make Jook ( this is how my Mom spelled it) with the ginger and I add Chinese parsley , green onion and turkey is the meat I use. I make Turkey broth from the carcass of the Roasted Turkey we make from Thanksgiving or I use fresh Turkey leg and thighs, roast that and then make my broth after I take off some meat! The legs and thighs and broth freezes nicely as I use my Foodsaver to package for the freezer! I can make whenever I want for dinner or lunch when the weather is cold!!! I am really enjoying your videos very much!

  13. Rose Mali

    Pork meatballs in Jok have always turned me off, I find Turkey to be more delicious and a better texture.

  14. onetwocue

    So do Thai folks in Thailand give this version to the vegan buddhist?

  15. Long Nguyen

    Good job!! So easy and simple.

  16. Brian Brooks

    Hi would chicken broth work as a replacement for the stock?

  17. Nixon Chan

    Brilliant idea with meatballs Pailin, will try next time. Thanks 🙏

  18. mimo1983

    Love this! thx Pai!

  19. Viswanathan Rishwanth

    Congee is Southindian madam…Tamil cuisine..not Chinese…Anyway both of us have a very deep ancient relationship .

  20. Boys love 4ever

    My new favorite thai cook.

  21. Haru Kanade

    The tutorial: 😎
    My execution: 😂

  22. Amanda Jones

    Thank you so much~~~ 💕 I been missing my mom lately. She make the best jok.

  23. Deborah Daniels

    This is the easiest congee recipe I have seen. Thanks!

  24. amita jumiarti

    I have many leftover rice from kfc today. Will make this porridge tomorrow

  25. Michael Martin

    What a wonderful recipe! I have enjoyed congee and I am so excited to try this recipe. Most people I know love congee. Did you know that McDonald's in Hong Kong actually serves congee for breakfast, at least, they used to. Thanks for this great recipe!

  26. Peach

    why did I come in here looking for a congee recipe and only leaving with a fat crush on this woman but at the same time want her to adopt me T_T

  27. schwartzenheimer1

    I love to cook, but this is something I want someone to cook FOR ME! In Thailand, I lived 100m from a great jok/khao mun gai shop. Ate jok most mornings and broke my scales. I had to moderate it a bit. Sticks to the ribs and slips to the hips!

    Thanks for the great recipe.

  28. Meena Karp

    Conjee is Tamil word

  29. Amee 13

    Look good! Is it breakfast or dinner?

  30. Pupalmcha

    I'm definitely gonna make congee this recipe tomorrow.!!

  31. Renny Moe

    Tx u Pai.. I tried this.. Nyummmm

  32. Candace Vaillette

    I love fish sauce in my rice. I have been hooked from the very first time!

  33. 22Harponyo

    Can use rice flour?


    It's originally from Tamilnadu, India

  35. Adara Schwartz

    my family has been making this for years and calling it "choke" lol

  36. 2010redshift

    Thank you. Your variety of recipe's are so good, and so delicious. I like how you always give the ingredient amounts with your fine recipes, so convenient. You are my favorite cooking host 🙂

  37. A F

    Hi Pailin! Ask filipino about Filipino style or Congee like Arrozcaldo Spanish Filipino style ✌️🙏🙇♥️😁

  38. Ng Propaganda

    My lockdown version of your recipe – Didn’t have sesame oil and chicken stock so I added pork powder to the ‘Chok’ and added a bit more soya sauce to the grounded pork. Approved by my Thai friend as well 👍

  39. UltimateDorito

    Thank you!!! I have a pack of century eggs and I LOVE them in jok but I'm short on time. I'm working from home right now and this was fast enough to whip up on my lunch break. 😍

  40. Sai

    Congee is tamil word its a language in tamil Nadu india

  41. Rob Houser

    Eggs! I can't believe you didn't add eggs. I'm not sure you're even Thai. Just kidding. I'd eat it. Looks great.

  42. Kiruba Nagini R

    Hi Pailin's Kitchen! I am from Tamilnadu of India. This "Congee" is our "Kanji", which is way far simple than what you have made or added into. We just boil water, add in the soaked cereal and cook till it is soft and mushy. Adding in Cumin seeds, black pepper, diced onions, curry leaves and cilantro is considered optional. Our Islamic brothers make it during Ramzan with meat and other aromatic spices and share with us.

  43. Mick mac michael

    Congee is a Chinese word for Jok.

  44. Darlene Jones

    My mom use to always make this for our family and it's amazing. For the topping I add what you add including cilantro, lime, and fried garlic. The fried garlic makes it so delicious!

  45. Priya v

    Finally landed here for trails on Thai cooking .. do u know we have something common here .. I hail from Kerala the southern most state of India .. we have rice porridge here as well which is called Kanji = like Congee.. we don't blend it but we mash it while its cooked so that the rice blends in with the water and trust me in Kerala we do not mix the meat or the seafood along with the porridge but use as a side dish which would eventually move into the pot when ur taste buds starts acting all yum.. btw .. I love the final finish of Ginger and white pepper would definitely try this !! Thanks for the video .. God bless ya !!!

  46. Phoebe Raymond

    I didn't have chicken broth so i used cream of chicken soup instead and it made it SUPER dense lol


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