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Masterchef John Zhang reveals you uncomplicated ways on how to make rapid & uncomplicated meal recipes that are amazing with stage by stage instruction. Get the recipe 👉

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Braised Pork Stomach

Savory and sticky, this Uncomplicated soften-in-your-mouth glazed pork belly only usually takes 6 elements to make. It is simple to make and extremely flavorful.

Stir-fried Mushrooms With Broccoli

Obtaining a medley of greens for a food is always a good point, Now you can find out how to make a dish out of broccoli and sweet bell peppers. The vibrant colours make the dish look appetizing although the flavors of abundant.

Tomato Egg Fall Soup

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Are you craving for yummy food items? Glance no more.

In this article we have the very best recipes, organized by award-successful masterchef to showcase genuine, conventional cooking.

Regardless of whether you want to know how to make delicious meals at household, or discover how to grasp cooking, we have received you lined.

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  1. Jean Baconua

    Simple yet complicated hehe

  2. Little Won

    Need to grab rice wine tomorrow, am out and i have bought everything else 😩

  3. Janaka Tharanga


  4. Go ATV Adventure Bali

    Yeahhh right Quick & Simple😁


    The editing is quick and simple …
    The food part I would say easy and simple…but not quick

  6. Kaen Ban

    "Quick and simple"

    Are we in the same world or am I missing something

  7. Lars Kumpaan

    Simple????? What …….

  8. synge synge

    It's,just Not Chinese traditional cooking way ~at least he need to get himself a wox

  9. elaina stef

    Amazing! Just subscribed! I'm putting my laptop on the counter and going to follow along 😁

  10. T M937

    Look at the colour on that pork. That is art. Truly sublime.

  11. RajTrav3l goals

    Finally house kitchen more chance in following his recipe

  12. fritz de

    I really love to cook this but sadly, some of the ingredients are not available in our local Market.

  13. Laoni Vieira

    Olá sou aqui do Brasil e queria saber como se faz barbatana de tubarão? OK 👍

  14. mike hopkins

    Watching these videos has me wanting a wok cooking station in my next kitchen

  15. vz hands

    I love the way you cooked

  16. xoikoq

    What's the brand of the pan used to braised the pork belly? I'm looking to get something similar to that! Thanks!

  17. Brad Mossman

    This not quick and simple. Many, many ingredients and steps. Probably great, but not simple.

  18. Torecnz

    This guy literally adds sugar to everything 😂😕

  19. Gemma Oquias


  20. Mar Tabones

    Wow so amazing ,I love this

  21. Feng lu

    that's enough to feed a family of four. serve with rice.

  22. john wang

    Indeed A Masterchef. Tai hao la.

  23. Emil Drimbea



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