Jianbing: A Classic Chinese Breakfast Recipe


When it comes to Chinese breakfast, Jianbing (煎饼果子) is an absolute classic. It is somewhere between a pancake and an omelette. In this video, you can learn how to make Jianbing and I share my favorite tricks to make your life easier!

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For technique watch the video.

🌯 Ingredients

For the Cuibing (脆饼):
Wonton wrappers, for deep frying

Batter (for 3 Jianbing pancakes):
150g all purpose flour
75g mung bean flour (NOT mung bean starch!)
a pinch of salt
350g water
10g neutral (canola) oil

Eggs. Use free range ❤️🥚🐔

For the sauce:
2 Tbsp Hoisin sauce
1 Tbsp Fermented bean paste (Doubanjiang, 豆瓣酱)
1 tsp Fermented Tofu (Doufuru, 豆腐乳)
1 tsp sugar

For garnish:
Chinese pickles (mustard stem)
cilantro, chopped
spring onions, chopped

Jianbing on the street videos uploaded by Tien Chau

Used under CC-BY

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  1. LEE CAI JUN Moe


  2. Michael Nicastro

    Thank you this was awesome!

  3. ElJulianooo

    This is perfect! Tastes fantastic.

  4. Karla Marx

    I think I'll make a texmex breakfast burrito version of this with tortilla chips for the crunch.

  5. Kob Kra-chai

    I love how you present the way to make jianbing 😆 so fun

  6. Vilma Macaringue

    I love jianbing

  7. Arielle

    I lived in Beijing and this was my absolute favorite as well!!

  8. Adam A.

    It's like a chinese version of dosa, looks good!

  9. phlarrdboi

    guess what? they have crèpes in european cooking too. you can use your crèpe maker to do this. yrwlcm

  10. li wu

    5:05 real depress kick in I don't give a f c

  11. Daniel Liu

    Tyrrells chips (sea-salted favor) taste exactly like Cuibing in the chinese pancake

  12. Loretta A

    can you recreate this video?

  13. NSV

    well I guess when I instagrammed my brother in law's "'jian bing" I was wrong. It was a different bing. Bing is basically bread in Chinese. And I just wikipediaed a few different bings and guessed at that one.
    Anyone know what that crunchy sesame seed bing is called?

  14. Christiana Jobim

    In Rio they make them. also it is the same though of the "pastel"we have here

  15. Em Lawrence

    Cregg 😂😂❤️❤️

  16. Anand N. Vishwamitran


  17. cIimber314

    you might be able to do this with a crêpe-maker

  18. Ева Гроссман


  19. Natalie Grace

    Have you ever heard of qian Chen bing? If you have could you try doing a video on it?

  20. YIU

    Great recipe. Here are some things I've added to get my own personal version: add more water to the batter to make it more liquid (similar to crepe batter). Use medium/high heat and use a flat pan. Once you put in the batter in the pan, spread the batter and put the rest back to your bowl in order to get a thin jianbing.

    Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to taste an 'authentic' jianbing yet, but I can tell that this recipe is pretty delicious.

    Keep up the great work, Andong!

  21. Diana L

    isn't it only "jianbing guozi" when you wrap your jianbing around a youtiao? I didn't grow up in China so someone please let me know lol

  22. Davina gaming Pro

    Please. Too much talk

  23. James Pickard

    Honestly this brings back a lot of memories, I want to make these so badly!

  24. Tigerius Svarne

    Looks so good.

  25. Sunanda Adhikary

    You mean it is the chinese version of indian dosa

  26. Vivian Lu

    My favorite sauce is 甜面酱 sweet soy
    Bean sauce, you can find it in Asian supermarkets. I remember I grew up in Shanghai, every week we would buy 煎饼果子 it’s my favorite breakfast. But when I move to US, the pancake is so expensive here and the cracker isn’t right. I would definitely try making it, thank you for your receipt!


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