JAPANESE FREEZER MEAL PREP RECIPES + 3 easy mix and match meal ideas/Japanese food recipes冷凍作り置きおかず


Let me share the Japanese freezer meal prep recipes!!! As a Japanese mom of two toddlers, freezer meal prep is MUST HAVE to save my time in the kitchen.
Especially when you can’t go to grocery shopping and you only have few ingredients left, these freezer meal prep are life saver!
All the freezer meal prep recipes are whipped up less than 5mins before you store into the freezer.
I guarantee this is one of the quickest and easiest freezer meal recipes!!
Enjoy the taste of Japanese mom!







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★About myself and my channel★

I was born in Japan and have grown up in Japan with a couple years oversea experiences.
Having two very energetic boys( age 2 and 4) +working. As you can imagine, my life is hectically busy. I want my family and myself to have a healthy eating habits with deliciousness.
In this video, I would like to focus on below things.

・Seeking for deliciousness with Japanese mom’s twist
・Simple and easy recipes
・Vege heavy diet
・Introducing new useful way of Japanese condiments

I’m looking forward to communicate with many of busy bees and food lovers like me.

I’m also holding a ONLINE Japanese cooking lesson in Tokyo! Please join MIWA’s Japanese Cooking Class to share the deliciousness and culture!
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  1. majormoo1

    Really like these! much prefer them to American freezer meal videos

  2. Ely Cruz

    こんにちは miwa san a request if you can make pumpkin/sqaush soup ☺

  3. Celtic Lass

    The first chicken would be really good in an air-fryer.

  4. Mattie C

    Hi Miwa! Thanks for this great tutorial!

    I made your Miso Chicken for dinner this week and it was so delicious!!! However, I didn’t have drumsticks, so I used wing flats and drumettes. Because wing
    flats and drumettes are smaller than drumsticks, I was worried they would become too salty after marinating overnight. I added 9 tbs of water to the marinade just in case and it worked. The wing flats and drumettes tasted just right after cooking.

    I’ll be going to the Japanese market this weekend to buy shabu shabu and to make your version of bulgogi! It seems delicious!

    I love your videos! I am learning so much about Japanese cooking and way of eating! I also love that your recipes are doable for people who are busy and don’t have a lot of time to cook, but want to eat tasty and healthy food. Thanks Miwa! I look forward to trying all your recipes!

  5. Erica P

    Hi Miwa san! Thank you for doing the freezer recipes! What kind of oven do you use? I’ve been looking for one since I’ve moved to Japan

  6. Mika Suson

    Miwa san!
    I’m going to have to try these recipes for my husband. He is going to love it!

  7. The Highs and Luos 罗家视频

    Yum! I've never cooked with miso paste but I love the flavour, definitely going to try your recipe! The chicken in your last recipe looked so juicy, perfect for salads! 🙂

  8. Mina

    Excellent idea to freeze and cook when needed. Is rice wine the same as sake? Or Shaoxing wine? Thank you for these great recipes!

  9. Bree

    Hi there

    Would you ever make Japanese vegetarian receipts?

  10. 日本語マスターちゃんねる

    Your video makes me feel hungry❤️❤️


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