JAPANESE BREAKFAST/ EASY RECIPE/ Japanese mom morning routine

Making Japanese breakfast seems difficult, but it’s really that easy!! I’m showing how Japanese mom’s morning is like in this video along with the recipe.
Japanese breakfast is one of the well balanced breakfast in the world.
In Japanese breakfast , there are usually 1 main dish, 2 side dish along with rice and soup. Each dishes are very simple and easy!
All the recipes are on my blog!
I can’t explain how my body feels good after eating the Japanese breakfast!
I hope you will give it a try!


〇spinach salad

〇cucumber & crab stick pickle

〇miso soup

〇homemade soba noodle dipping sauce


〇What’s Dashi?

〇Vegan breakfast

〇Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner series!


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★About myself and my channel★

I was born in Japan and have grown up in Japan with a couple years oversea experiences.
Having two very energetic boys( age 2 and 4) +working. As you can imagine, my life is hectically busy. I want my family and myself to have a healthy eating habits with deliciousness.
In this video, I would like to focus on below things.

・Seeking for deliciousness with Japanese mom’s twist
・Simple and easy recipes
・Vege heavy diet
・Introducing new useful way of Japanese condiments

I’m looking forward to communicate with many of busy bees and food lovers like me.

I’m also holding a ONLINE Japanese cooking lesson in Tokyo! Please join MIWA’s Japanese Cooking Class to share the deliciousness and culture!
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  1. Miwa's Japanese Cooking

    Please watch this video for vegan breakfast ideas! ( https://youtu.be/w3iUsxqXOJs ) thank you very much for stopping by!

  2. Anchul Walia vlog

    Good but I am vegetarian so rest then fish all was good

  3. shimazu yk

    this looks so good, i wish i could make it

  4. Deepa Muthuvelpandian

    Beautiful food and great presentation and preparation. Kudos

  5. Srinivas H

    Thank you

  6. ugly fuzozzi

    It's pretty cool how she replied to every comments


    wah…..not easy at all sister…….I'll just have my lazy breakfast, egg bread coffee…hahahaha

  8. Mr Positive

    Hello good day, we are a company located in Mexico City we export food products and we also have soyabean oil in abundance, is there anything you need from México?

  9. MilkByCow

    Japanese breakfast is my favorite kind!! But for me the one drawback is preparation time so I try to go as simple as possible.

    Grilled fish, blanched vegetables, miso soup, small bowl of rice.

  10. Елена Хохрякова

    You are beautiful 🥰

  11. Luticia

    This looks soooo good!

  12. greeshma b

    Wow Japanese eats rice and still stay this thin….😑not fair

  13. Fortune 5

    What Japan eats:
    What I eat for breakfast : bread

  14. Hemraj Singh

    U look so gorgeous ❤️

  15. Hemraj Singh

    Love u good information 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. sprucesp

    Very nice… 😋😋😊 but we don't get these ingredients in India…😔….

  17. Abhipsha Nayak

    Its all r looking delicious,❤loving from India.

  18. Joe Edwards

    And this is why 1/3 of all Americans are obese. We don't have the time in the morning to do all of this wonderful cooking. 🙂

  19. khushboo gupta

    Very good presentation I like your videos
    My teacher has Indian taste channel
    Pl subscribe her channel also
    Sky hi kitchen

  20. k s Seo

    食べ物を 適当食べること.
    음식들을 적당히 먹어야하는 내용.
    음식들을 너무먹어, 죽는이들이 많은데,살아있는것처럼 있다고 하심.가난한 이들과 나눠먹으라고 하심.
    God(Our Lord),given this messages.

  21. LinkEX

    My right ear enjoyed that intro.

  22. Cheryl Sato

    Thank you Miwa san for your video! I have reference now for Japanese dishes from my childhood! My mother recently passed away, I regret not getting all her recipes but now I can learn and prepare home cooked meals of my youth! I will also share with my brother! 🙏🏼

  23. saurabh j

    Thecha …bhakar…over😂😂😂😂😂😂


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