Do you want to know how to remove the collections account from your credit report? Maybe you have one or more of these collections and would like to get them off your credit report. Do you think that the collectors are harassing you? Do you know how to stop them from contacting you? Here is how to get started.

You probably have received a letter or a phone call from a collections agent. You were probably told that you had thirty days to remove the collections from your credit history. This is what is commonly called the sunset clause. The statute of limitations for reporting a collections account to your credit history has passed. If you don’t remove it, the collections company can report it again to your credit score and it will remain on your credit history until it is deleted.

A great way to get out of this contract is to start a credit repair campaign. You can hire a credit repair firm or do it yourself by using a credit repair kit. There are many good programs available on the internet for free or very inexpensively. A good kit will contain all of the materials that you will need to remove the collections from your report. Once you have removed them, you need to dispute the debt to the credit agencies.

You can send a dispute letter to the collections company, explaining in a simple way why you believe that you do not owe the debt. Be sure to include copies of any documents that you have in your possession that show the account is yours. You will probably be asked to pay a fee for this service. But, if you use the kit properly, it should have all of the material that you need. If not, you can learn how to remove the collections account from your credit history yourself.

After you have disputed the account in writing, you can expect a response from the collection agency within about a week. They will need a copy of your credit report, which they will verify online by contacting each credit bureau that they know about. They will then compare your credit report to the records that are in their database. If they find that your account is valid, they will remove it from your credit history. It is at this point, that you are ready to re-establish good credit with a credit repair letter and a healthy credit report.

How many times have you heard that you are not credit worthy because you have too many collections on your credit report? It is true, this is a factor in your credit score. This is what is called the “costly hit” that the credit companies take on your accounts. The less expensive hits mean that you will be more credit worthy and have more opportunities to increase your credit line in the future.

Once the collections are removed from your accounts, do not close them. You may want to call the creditors that are holding the collections in case you can work out some type of repayment plan. Remember that they still have the legal rights to hold these accounts. Sometimes, contacting the creditors themselves is the best way to get the job done. Most often, it is easier to get the task accomplished through a professional credit repair service.

Once the credit reports are back to normal, you will begin to notice a boost in your credit scores. Within as little as a month, you will find that you can apply for credit again and will not be turned down due to large collections. Once you understand how to remove the collections account and learn from credit repair guides on how to properly write credit repair letters, you will be well on your way to credit repair success.

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