How I Stopped Hating Breakfast


Check out Part 1 “Why Individuals East Dessert for Breakfast”
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1. Japanese (Tamago Kake Gohan) with Miso soup and roasted salmon
2. Hummus. Excellent tutorial listed here
3. Migas Breakfast tacos encouraged by Veracruz All Normal in Austin

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He presently is dependent in Washington, DC, reporting on appealing developments and tales domestically and about the globe. Johnny’s visible model blends movement graphics with cinematic videography to generate articles that describes elaborate problems in relatable techniques. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Youthful College and an MA in intercontinental peace and conflict resolution from American College.

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He now is primarily based in Washington, DC where he tends to make internet films for, reporting on interesting trends and tales domestically and close to the globe. Johnny’s visible type blends movement graphics with cinematic vi

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  1. Johnny Harris

    Go watch part 1 if you haven't seen it. Thanks to all those who have shared their favorite non-american breakfasts. I want to keep inviting new breakfast traditions into my mornings. Maybe an update video is in store if I get some good suggestions.

  2. ICharlyl

    Here in mexico, I love "Motuleños" which is a quesadilla with a flour tortilla, on top with some scrambled eggs and to top it all, whichever salsa you want, and you just use a knife to make some pieces and have a little bit of everything in every bite, it's legit one of my favorite foods ever.

  3. rio

    nasi liwet, nasi goreng, nasi uduk, nasi kuning and the legendary bubur ayam 🙂

  4. Fahad

    Try the Sri Lankan breakfast. The easiest of which is boiled green gram (mung beans) or chickpeas which was soaked overnight, and add a topping of your choice (sugar/scraped coconut/chili flakes/coconut sambal/ choices are endless/ no topping). Very filling and nutritious.

  5. Bearnial

    If you want more rice in your breakfast I recommend Nasi Lemak found in Malaysia and Malay. It's rice cooked with a mixture of coconut milk and water served with fried anchovies, egg, chicken/fish and a chilli paste called Sambal.

  6. Rusted Cognition


  7. The Scottish Kangaroo

    In Scotland I have porridge and a side bowl of milk (For dipping the porridge into) , with freshly squeezed orange juice. Mate takes no time to make, simple as hell but soo good I've been eating it since I was a child.

  8. 개울가에물망초

    FYI Hmart is Korean market. I wouldn't mind calling it Asian, but calling it Japanese was borderline insulting.

  9. what the glasses

    aslo rice with milk and sugar in a cup is a good cheap and easy dish that tastes sweet and amazing.

  10. what the glasses

    if you eat alot of rice you should check if it is from an area where arsenic is in large quantities in the soil

  11. Petar Savic

    Nisi nista bez bureka uradio

  12. Lemon Tree

    You should try pinoy breakfast and Chinese Breakfast, you'll like it.

  13. Daniel Perez Music

    Hey @Johnny try out Venezuelan Arepas, you will love a bit of the taste of South America 🙂

  14. Max Sandi

    If you love rice for breakfast then definitely try SILOG which is basically garlic fried rice + egg with any viand you can think of!

    Fry some egg, use your rice from the day/days before, and then pan fry some kind of meat. Could be ham, fish, hotdogs, filipino sausage (longganisa), or even leftover viands. It's a dream ❤️

  15. Or Kanner

    in israel we dont really eat humus for breakfast outside of jerusalem. we eat a lot of cereal like the US and we eat pankakes somtimes. and of course we eat fried eggs and hard boiled eggs and omelet. the only big difrences is thatwe dont eat a lot of bacon (even those that dont keep kosher like me) because we dont like it and that we eat less amount.

  16. Jayem BS


    Everything that has no Rice is a Snack

  17. RAIHAN

    Dosa and sambar or chutney!!

  18. Anni Laurila

    If you haven't tried I recommend to try finnish breakfast. Porridge with berries, coffee, dark rye bread with some cheese and vegetables. That's what a lot of people eat in Finland. Personally I like to eat oat yogurt with homemade granola and oat bran and berries. It keeps me full and energetic for a long time. 🙂

  19. Paula Gandra

    Try the brazilian one (from my state at least): a cup of coffee and a baguette (here it's just bread) with a slice of homemade cheese; or plain butter; or a slice of corn based kinda salty cake called "broa de fubá" instead of the bread; or tapioca with hot sliced bananas and cinnamon filling… there are just so many delicious options (that won't give you a heart attack by the age of 35)

  20. Unhinged Djowhenna

    try "wentelteefjes" old bread you soak in an egg/milk mixture and then bake them in a pan. i think on holiday the called it french toast but i prefer to call them "turning bitches" haha

  21. Alaina Sequeira

    hi i love you so much thank you

  22. Fuong V.H

    "Next up, let's talk about Israel-Palestine"
    okay tbh my heart skip a beat


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