Healthy Asian Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


The standard principle in Asian diet regime is to consume basic entire grains, with cooked greens and a small little bit of almost everything else. Also a great deal or as well small of any one issue is not excellent.

Asian food plan is mainly gluten and dairy totally free. The emphasize is to use all-natural real ingredients to cook. I’ll be sharing with some of my easy and straightforward favourite oriental dishes.

1) Breakfast – Fish Congee
2) Lunch – Egg Fried Rice
3) Dinner – Chicken Soba Soup Noodles

In my up coming video clip, I’ll be sharing 2 of my favourite Oriental treats to complete this food system. Be positive to look at it.Do share your favorite meals with me in the comments beneath. All the finest!

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  12. Family fun Time

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  15. Lea Steenberg

    You don’t wash the rice in the first recipe???

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    👍🏼🙂 Nice !

  18. Shirali Agrawal

    Where to get sesame oil and which one is best

  19. Shirali Agrawal

    Joanna I like your receipes very much. How is avacado oil to use.

  20. meboez

    "oriental"……… 😐

  21. WorkingMother ofFour

    Please more videos on Asian meals for weight loss.


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