Eggs that will get you out bed! ☀️Easy Asian Breakfast Skillet | Marion's Kitchen

My easy Asian breakfast skillet is a classic cafe dish in Bangkok called ‘kai grata’. Porky, eggy and delish!

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.


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  1. AiY A

    Can’t find that sausage anywhere so i’ll just use tomato instead, it came out really good too.

  2. Zenaida Roxas

    All your recipes are down pat perfect!!

  3. Mohamed Ali

    I love your recipes because they aren't very complicated yet so good. You always gives alternatives to ingredients that might be hard to get. I've been trying a lot of your recipes and oh man now I am the cook of the family 😅

  4. Julie MyD

    “Asian breakfast” 🙄

  5. huijessica

    made this. so simple. yet so so good. (Y)

  6. Allistrata GG4

    We went to the Asian market before the quarantine and I forgot my list. It had Chinese sausage on it so I could make your fried rice. Now I'm extra mad I didn't buy any. 😠

  7. Saki630

    All that work for 1 serving????
    Just throw the sausage in with the pork mince and break the egg's on top of the meat when the sausage is almost cooked.

  8. Kathy Kong.

    I can eat this everyday.

  9. Dolce

    I would be needing rice, instead of bread for that dish 😁

  10. Ginger Gonzales

    Some of my favorite breakfasts abroad were in Thailand, specifically Bangkok! I'll have to try this 😊

  11. Fraffee Tan

    Ahh!! I know what I’m cooking for breakfast tomorrow 🎉🙏 Thank you, Marion!

  12. nicolas kaneakua

    Everything she cooks is perfect

  13. Monette Navarro

    Thanks for brilliant ideas ur sharing

  14. fikaso

    pork? world's going to shits

  15. Nathaniel Rufino

    You should make a Dinuguan or Bicol Expresss! 😍

  16. priscilla diaz

    Omg!! What lipstick are u wearing??
    It doesn't smear or move or nothing.

  17. Agme A

    I just had a massive burger like 20 min ago and my mouth is already watering

  18. Reg Gill

    Don’t like slimey sunny side , skin them over just a little .

  19. kaemur

    I’m Thai and I absolutely love the dish. It’s called “Kai Ga Ta” which means “eggs in pan” … yummy 😊

  20. Em Le

    this brings me back to my childhood. i still eat this AT LEAST once a month. love this!!

  21. Jun

    i think it's a boy

  22. Mara sov

    Can i use bacon instead of that chorizo

  23. Sherisdoodles -

    I thought the sausage was tomato. Like and Asian Shaksuka. Looks super yummy though.

  24. Tippy B

    MARIONNN are u gonna be in the new masterchef season??

  25. Less Talk, More Delicious

    Wow, never heard of this dish..but looks amaze!! 😱🍳🍖🥖

  26. Rosie Nguyen

    Garlic for breakfast? Aww, YES!! This looks like a great way to say I love you to someone in the morning.


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