Easy Skillet KIMCHI and EGG Breakfast ~ Healthy Spicy Breakfast Recipe


This Kimchi and Eggs breakfast is effortless, brief, spicy and yummy. This a great recipe working with handmade or your beloved manufacturer Kimchi. I designed and cooked this Kimchi and egg skillet breakfast in 10 minutes employing my small solid iron skillet. An effortless and wholesome breakfast. Delight in.

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Easy Skillet KIMCHI and EGG Breakfast ~ Nutritious Breakfast Recipe

1/2 to 3/4 cup favorite Kimchi
1 yard onion
Palm comprehensive of contemporary bean sprouts
2 eggs
1 small mashed garlic clove
salt and pepper if essential
1-2 tsp added virgin olive oil

In a modest skillet on medium heat include oil and whites of
backyard garden onion. Stir and cook dinner for a single moment.
Insert garlic, stir and prepare dinner for 30 seconds.
Insert kimchi, stir and simmer for 1-2 minutes.
Make a very well in the center as ideal you can.
Add a minor green onion, eggs, a very little a lot more eco-friendly
onion on prime, flip warmth down to minimal, protect and cook dinner for
3-4 minutes or right up until the eggs are completed to your liking.
Sprinkle prime with relaxation of eco-friendly onions and get pleasure from!


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Lodge 6.5″ Cast Iron Skillet

Mom in Law’s Kimchi House Napa Cabbage


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  1. DeadAI Music

    I love it! I added some soy sauce to mine since I like my food salty, but the whole eggs cooking in the middle really are delicious.

    P.S. Korean Englishman has the same doo doo doo doo~! sound at the beginning of his Jolly videos, haha. It's so cheerful.

  2. Andrew Finnigan

    Great recipe and I have all these ingredients! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. gnostie

    Ah, so the secret is out. I've been having this with rice for dinner for years! πŸ™‚

  4. Scott Domnik

    Hi Tess I love this recipe thx for posting this vid. I also have a question by chance do you have another channel on you tube, you sound just like the woman from universal media. I also enjoy that channel, well god bless and thx again.

  5. Asa Houra

    liking your video. Thinking it looks good. Planning to try it. Not completing sentences.

  6. Dennis Wei

    looks good, thx for sharing

  7. Sean

    You have a great voice

  8. Death Shock

    I ate Kimchi in South Korea, it is really good.

  9. pimpinaintdeadho

    I'd try it.

  10. Rivet Gardener

    Yes! We love kimchi here and make it here all the time. This breakfast looked delicious Tess! I always prefer warm or hot kimchi, too. Beautiful meal.

  11. Terrie Greer

    I love kimchi this looks delicious !
    and sure enjoy all your videos

  12. Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us

    never had Kimchi but man I think I would love it this way!

  13. Aim'em and Claim'em Smokers

    WOW! That looks great! My wife loves Kimchi and would love this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  14. OldManCooking

    Tess that is a Awesome looking dish! πŸ™‚

  15. Pretty Noona

    Tess… I love this recipe, thank you so much for showing how to make this yummy Kimchi and Eggs breakfast. I will have to make it this weekend =P

  16. Bessie Harris-Smith

    Looking good Tess πŸ‘β€πŸ‘

  17. Armadillo Pepper BBQ

    Tess, this is one of the more unique recipes that I've seen. I am a big Kimchi fan and this is a definite must try to start my this coming Sunday!

  18. FitAussieAngie

    oh how delicious Tess, that looks so good, I love this. by the way I think I saw you when keemi went live today in the comments section.

  19. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Hi Tess I like yr recipes and I tried twice yr Lomain it's cam very nicely. Thank you for sharing yr recipes with us.
    Do you have any blueberry muffin receipπŸ˜‚

  20. Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill

    Looks good Tess…Let's eat.

  21. Sergey Magell

    Appetizing Work. Pleasant Evening.

  22. TwoChainzzanaWang

    Tess that πŸ‘€'s tasty! you did an awesome job! thanks 4 sharing

  23. Ellen's Homemade Delights

    That looks so delicious Tess! Great quick and easy Breakfast!!

  24. lemoncrinckles

    I've never had kimchi so I can't mentally 'taste' this dish. But if you made it, it's bound to be good. (:

  25. Laurice's Kitchen

    My mother would go nuts for this. Great video, Tess. 😍

  26. Tri

    Ive never tried kimchi! Thanks Tess,
    I'd love to try this ❀️

  27. Juanelo1946

    Tess, I love this recipe! It's an easy one-skillet dish, and low carb too! Simple and healthy! I want it!!

  28. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

    that's a very unique recipe I love kimchi

  29. TosTinMan EasyCooking

    I've never tried kimchi. I make a lot of skillet breakfasts though. Maybe one of these days.


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