Easy Healthy Asian #StayHome Recipes – No Sweat: EP39


At home and running out of inspiration for what to cook? Tyen shares some easy and nutritious Asian recipes you can whip up in no time!

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  1. V F

    Are the Asian markets empty where you guys live? Here in Portugal, the one I usually go has almost no products 👁️👁️
    In the beginning of quarentine I went there for some green onion and saw a guy buy a whole box of soju and about 50 packs of instant noodles 👀… They ran out of tofu, kimchi, frozen goods, miso, sauces and soft drinks. Like, who needs a ton of grape mogumogu to quarentine???

  2. heyitsyou !

    No one:
    Literally no one :
    Me:watches the whole video eating chips n sleeping on sofa

  3. Iun Hooi Eik

    seems easy but low protein high carbs aint a good idea to maintain muscle mass??

  4. Anya

    I never thought of making oats savory…definitely making that from now on!

  5. Zoe Koo

    My sweet potatoes stuck on the aluminium foil 😭

  6. Beautiful People

    Enjoy your food😉🙏

  7. gemscence

    Extra virgin olive oil is meant for dressing and olive oil is meant for cooking btw

  8. Minggu

    I do miss some good sweet potato fries, will definitely try making some at home!

  9. Aqil Ikhwandi

    Thank you for making this video! I’m such a big fan of you! Been doing your 15min home workout with my mum! She loves it too!

  10. joanne chiang

    I miss daddy diaries. Interesting to see how stay at home life is.

  11. May

    This is my first time watching Tyen's segment; and she's lovely! She has a very likeable personality. Great, healthy recipes that I'll be sure to try it out.

  12. Carla56

    Let me add this to my Instacart order lol

  13. TheZacktan


  14. Vinnie Tan

    This is amazing! You’re a genius tyen :)!

  15. Evan Del Rey

    Police report lodged, we're not even supposed to visit family, but clicknetwork had a whole camera crew go over to her place. You guys are really good at milking the situation aren't you? I'm very serious about this.

  16. margauxgf

    Trying every one. Great ideas!

  17. Pei Pei

    Besides home made chicken stock.. Which brand of chicken stock is the best for low sodium option?

  18. Nayha Kitchen

    Do not spam the comment section guys. it will not benefit you in future. Thanks me later💕

  19. Sohini Barai

    I loved the soup!!! Will definitely make one

  20. ishara - إشارة

    The best .. ❤❤ … with me . burst the like

  21. Peachymood

    More recipes please!❤❤❤


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