BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Beef Lo Mein Recipe (牛肉捞面)


I have made an oyster sauce Lo Mein not so long ago. Even though it was a basic flavor, I got so many compliments. Everybody loves it. Today, we gonna upgrade it into a beef Lo Mein recipe. It is also easy and tasty. The beef is so tender and velvety. The noodles are flavorful. It got lots of umami taste from the oyster sauce. You can also use chicken, pork, shrimp instead of beef and create your own variations of lo mein.

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INGREDIENTS (serves 2)
– 2 portions of noodles (I used fresh egg noodles, about 300 g / 10.6 oz)
– 1.5 tbsp soy sauce (Amazon Link –
– 3 tbsp of oyster sauce (Amazon Link –
– 1.5 tsp of dark soy sauce (Amazon link –
– 3 tbsp of peanut oil (Amazon Link –
– 300 grams (10.6 oz) of beef
– 1/4 tsp of salt
– 1/8 tsp of baking soda
– 2 tbsp of cooking wine (Amazon Link –
– 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce (Amazon Link –
– 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch
– Black pepper to taste
– 1 medium-size onion, sliced thinly
– 3 pieces of scallion, cut into 2 inches long pieces


– Slice 300 grams of beef into 1/8 of inches thick pieces. You can use beef chuck, flank, ribeye, sirloin steak.
– Marinade it with 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/8 tsp of baking soda, 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine, 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch, some freshly ground black pepper to taste. Mix well and let it sit for 20 minutes.
– Bring a pot of water to a boil. Cook 2 portions of fresh egg noodles for 2-3 minutes. If you are using a different type of noodles, you have to follow the cooking instruction on the package.
– While waiting for the noodles, you should have enough time to cook the beef.
– I got many people asking me – why is my food sticking to my carbon steel wok? Well, you need to learn how to control the wok heat correctly.
– First, turn the heat to maximum and heat the wok until it is smoking hot. Then add some oil. Be generous with oil amount for this recipe because you want enough oil to coat the noodles so they don’t stick together while serving.
– Give it a toss so the oil will create a slight non-stick surface on the bottom. Wait for the oil to be smoking again. That means the wok is hot enough for you to add the marinade beef. Stir and cook. This way, the meat will not stick to the wok at all. That is how you control the wok heat correctly. We call it 掌握火候in Chinese.
– When the beef is halfway cooked, you should still be able to see some pink color here and there. Add a bunch of sliced onion. Stir for another 15 seconds.
– By now, the noodles should be ready. Quickly take them out. Shake off the excess water. Throw a bunch of scallion into the wok along with the cooked noodles. Turn off the heat. It is important, I will explain why later.
– Add 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce, 3 tbsp of oyster sauce, and 1.5 tsp of dark soy sauce. I will suggest you use a better quality oyster sauce since it is the key flavor. Mix until the seasoning is well combined.
– I turned off the heat right before I add the noodles is because we are making Lo Mein, all you need to do is to stir and mix. If you keep the heat on, then, you are making Chao Mein, which means stir fry noodles. That’s the difference between lo mein and Chao Mein.
– Give it a taste to adjust the flavor before serving because every brand of oyster sauce and soy sauce have a different level of sodium. You can add some toasted sesame oil at the end if you like. I don’t because I used peanut oil when cooking the beef.
– That’s it. You are done. Enjoy!

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  1. SpeakMyMind500

    Thank you I'll definitely make some lo mein like this.

  2. L Clarke

    I'm thinking you could give Joey Chestnut a run for his money at 5:40

  3. David Fellows

    Another great recipe! I will be sure to order your Wok. Your English is very good, and the way you explain the steps is great. I see why you have so many views! Keep up the great work!

  4. AverageChris

    so beautiful ❤️❤️

  5. L

    Flank steak is authentic Chinese item!

  6. Michael Zabala

    Love your videos and your wok is such a great buy

  7. Davida Sanders

    I just created your recipe and it’s a hit!!

  8. Spencer

    Why no water crest?

  9. Mariana Luz

    You are amazing. Thank you for your excellent instruction.

  10. Romualdo Gaeta

    Little lady munching 👌💯

  11. D B

    3:00 Jock Wock Ho Ho in Chinese

  12. eve a.

    She is so positive what a gift to all of us and thank to her I am cooking some awesome Chinese dishes just like any top notch chinese restaurant, we do not eat at Chinese restaurants anymore. I am the Master chef with a pro work and all hahahaha. Thank you Mandy you are so authentic, sweetie and very confident in your Chinese recipes, amazing! you are awesome!

  13. Daphne Rodriguez


  14. james c Pintner

    4:37 Keeping the heat on, or not, is the difference between lo mein and chow mein. I learned something! And here I was wondering if they called it chow main on the West coast, but lo mein back East.

  15. Just Me

    Can I substitute cooking wine and peanut oil with something else?

  16. Barrow

    Your recipe is so good. I just cooked this lo mein about an hour ago and just love it. Thank you

  17. rolossining

    Love your videos, love your recipes. We want to make shrimp lo mein – will it be ok to just swap out the beef with shrimp? Thanks !

  18. Austin James

    I need to get some dark soy sauce and some nice veggies before making this

  19. Diane Terrizzi

    I saw this and had to make it. OMG it was so delicious I’m addicted. Very simple to make and your instructions are perfect. I also want to tell you I love watching your videos because you are so adorable!

  20. Lenny Bruce

    Love your videos! You explain so well that even a beginner can do it!

  21. MyPlateMyFate

    Their food is sticking because their pan isn’t seasoned properly. A properly season pan never sticks with the right heat.

  22. Steven Lamorte

    I'm in love! Are you married??

  23. Andres Cuevas

    优异 䬸! 谢谢你.

  24. Manoj Mago


  25. Manoj Mago


  26. Pamala Dalrymple

    I survived the pandemic isolation by watching your cooking videos- Then yesterday, I ordered your wok & all 6 essential seasoning oils & my freezer is full of protein. Thank you for your delicious looking recipes & easy follow explanations. Nothing to do now but take the plunge!!! Thank you so very much.

  27. Danielle h

    Is there an alternative to oyster sauce for someone with shellfish allergies?????

  28. Laarnie Fabico

    How do you clean the wooden lid?

  29. 洋蒽


  30. RobinLynn

    That looks so delicious.

  31. Azure B.

    I can't wait to try it!

  32. Hafsah Malick

    Omg these were so good!!! I have always eaten hakka Chinese and this was sooo authentic close to what we eat at restaurants !! Thanks for making it so easy..your tips helped a lot

  33. Edward Nakagawa

    * I Need A Chinese Wife ?

  34. Bri Talks

    Sauce-Ah 🤤

  35. Johnny Reyes

    Great video and instructions! Can’t wait to try this. Any tips for making this in any other pot other than a wok?

  36. Cattastroficka

    This was so good! Thanks for another great recipe. I did add garlic and ginger. I hope you don’t mind. 🥰

  37. klg642002

    This girl eats like she weighs 1000 lbs, lol!!! Always trust cooks who love to eat. My wife is the same way lol! A happy tummy is a great life. Thank you for the recipe and great cooking tips:)

  38. Aravind Babu

    I have been watching a lot of cooking videos, have to say I learned a lot in this single video.

  39. Hugh Jass

    I love her. She's so cute.

  40. Umme Aleeza

    Look Tasty , thank you

  41. ghgjftythnhcfghdty

    No splash of Shaoxing rice wine?

  42. Shannon Johnson

    Came out great! Used spaghetti, because that's all I had access to. Also threw in chicken instead of beef, red & green bell peppers, snow peas and some carrots. So much healthier than Chinese takeout and u have tons for leftovers!!!!! 🧡


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