6 New Ways To Enjoy Potato Recipes


6 New Techniques To Enjoy Potatoes Recipes!

1. Braised Potatoes
2. Stir-Fried Potatoes
3. Korean Potato Pancake (Gamja Jeon)
4. Accordion Potato
5. Potato Cheese Ball
6. Potato Croquette

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  1. J P

    I live for Aaron's humour. I have since tried some of his recipies. All turned out well…except that Claire did not come when I called for her🤣😇

  2. Sonia Westfall

    Claire is a lucky woman

  3. what the

    I love how he doesn’t make it on another level fancy and tells us that the cooking time isn’t exact, because I always get anxious later on that mine doesn’t look exactly how he made it

  4. BobbyeLee Turnbough

    Aaron, Claire Luv ur 'texyures' (n this case I am actually referring 2 both ur cooking & aura's!) Fun X's! …"don't worry guys I'm here for you!" LOL My Mom always told me that, "a watched pot never boils!"

  5. Arthas Menethil

    13:56 looks down at my big ol' American bear claws

  6. Feb Mamarozie

    How does Claire keep her body with you cooking all these delicious food!

  7. Susa0406

    Thank you so much for your videos! <3
    If I change the amount of potatos when making bruised potatos, do I have to change the other ingredients as well? (eg double everything?)

  8. biubiu
  9. Chicken Permission

    I have most of a 50 pound bag of potatoes and I just stocked up on corn syrup.
    I'm about to blow my entire diet.
    Thanks so much for this

  10. Remmington Birman

    only you need!

  11. Wild,Giants,Mets

    what the fuck is wrong with me i thought he was gonna say let me guess whats in your pants not pantry

  12. Babli amy

    Wow that looks so satisfying
    By the way thanks for the easy recipe's

  13. Shax Shaw

    This is a torture.

  14. bts lover abi

    u sound like jhope

  15. Wane Tres

    Just like a woman at 12:23 had her mouth full and still could talk

  16. Angelina Cortés

    This is my comfort video

  17. Jewel Pascoe

    I 100% did shout "Claire " 😂😂😂😂

  18. Mochi

    I really like that you're so down-to-earth about why you do things. I love this video!!

  19. ▪︎Sunny Games▪︎

    Can I use Baking soda for the cheese balls?

  20. Ursula

    Claire! You're a LUCKY duck, girl!!! I'm watching you enjoying these great recipes and I'm like…" I wanna be in HER spot!" 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    Everything always looks so delicious….and Aaron makes it easy and stress-free! Love it!!🥰🥰🥰


    I will definetely wash the bowls and leave the cooking. jealous but I love her.

  22. Brother Horrible

    The six minute microwave mash potatoes was a disaster for me. The top half was done and the bottom completely raw, so as I tried mashing half wasashed mixed with chunks of raw potatoes. Had to throw the whole dish out, I've never been able to make mash potatoes, but I can perfect sear chicken or steaks. Wtf is wrong with me

  23. Ghetto Gunpla


  24. Rosa Menchen

    Claire, I love your statement: "BRING SOME BEER!"

  25. Justan Ol ' Guy

    Clear, concise, well structered, and the Joy that is Claire… This channel is so helpful…

  26. Gaige Mercado

    His accent reminds me of BMO

  27. Aleaha Quiñones

    Thank You so much for sharing these delicious potato recipes with us!!!!😊😊😊 I’ve really enjoyed every one of you and Claire’s videos that I’ve watched; So thank you both for sharing your food and time with all of us. I’ve used some of your tips and tricks when making ramyun. I’ve also used some tips for stock, (I almost always make my own due to allergies and sensitivities), and for other delicious food I tried as well. I REALLY love cooking so this platform is 😄. I’ve learned and tried so many amazing Korean dishes because of channels like yours , and my other two favorites. I even made my own danmuji!!! My next two projects are 😆(Sorry, I get excited Lol 🤦🏽‍♀️) So please know that your content is very appreciated. Especially, during these difficult days. It’s also very helpful how you explain certain bottled ingredients. (My “local” Korean store is 2 hours away). I hope you both stay safe and healthy. Lots of 💙 and 👏🏼’s from California.

  28. Ahmed Basalama

    Just tried the 5th recipe damn it was so good. Made it using flour instead of breadcrumbs, first time i ever make a frying recipe and it turned out good! 9/10


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