5 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes!


5 Super Easy Toast & Sandwich for Breakfast!

1. Grilled Cheese
2. French Toast
3. Egg In A Hole
4. Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast)
5. Egg Toast

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  1. Mom Mommy

    Through each recipe made me hungrier and hungrier, but I found what I'm gonna make, it's gonna be the second one for sure as I have all of it's ingredients and it looks so appetizing

  2. Oumunfei Holeto

    Claire is so lucky ….her enthusiasm is inspiring.😋

  3. Lucas Udjombala

    I want to be Claire

  4. Jenkins raj

    that is wife or actor ,

  5. frank stall

    Do a Texas toast French Toast.

  6. Vinuta

    Thank you so much Aaron for your amazing tips and you are ready wonderful chef 👨‍🍳 💜 .

  7. kmitchell3008

    Here you can have this title ( CLAIRE CAN COOK TOO ) Love you guy's good show.

  8. rizwana salman

    I had the grilled cheese sandwich it was delicious 😋

  9. Carol Butler

    Everybody wants to be Claire!

  10. Star Light

    Can you do breakfast ideas without bread ? Healthy i mean :3!

  11. Correo Para Todo


  12. H-FOUR YT

    Can we use a microwave for the grilled cheese

  13. No

    genieMTria hi

  14. No

    Sandwich 🥪✨

  15. No

    Do you have to be ok I didn't know that to me at least I don't have any

  16. SlyDellian

    To make that grilled cheese even better, place a slice of bologna or salami between the slices of cheese. Also, instead of butter, try Duke’s mayonnaise.

  17. Hugo Cerulus

    i tough you where so a genius with the air fryer , what you show of the air fryer diches was not that much .

  18. Jacob Wildschuetz

    grilled cheese for breakfast?

  19. Laughing Owl

    Does he not look like the Dad from Fresh Of the Boat lolol

  20. Crowley McCloud

    On what planet is grilled cheese a breakfast dish lmao

  21. Lezi

    1:58, pro tip, if you cut the bread in half before cooking you can let the cheese melt it together into one Piece, to me it normally works and it looks pretty good too


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