5 FAST Time-Saving Instant Pot Recipes


If you don’t know what’s for dinner, check out these 5 fast instant pot recipes that are time-saving and will save you money!



Motel Pasta:
Zuppa Toscana:
Butter Chicken:
BBQ Rib Meal:
Korean Short Ribs:



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  1. Pauline Tait

    How are the new kittys. Haven’t seen them in awhile

  2. Ada Fitch

    I make my mom and husband each come up with two full dinner menus per week.

    My son has to choose and make one dinner.

    Since I am doing the cooking five of the days (except occasionally my husband), I pick one and we have one "fend for yourself" night.

  3. tifepiphany

    Hi Flo, I stumbled onto your video and saw your steamed egg and hainan chicken. I now want an instant pot, but not sure which model you use? Do you have the 6 or 8 quart? Thank you! I can't wait to try your recipes!

  4. daniela dietel-wright

    5 seconds into the video and i love it already! 🤣

  5. SoSheree

    Meals actually begins at 2:00

  6. Pam Owen

    Wait, Flo and Dude, you never said what u had for dinner! Just kidding🥳

  7. M Jones

    Thank you, I do the same ole chicken, I love these ideas!

  8. Sandpebble54 Spencer

    When I think of ordinary, I think of “common” which both my mother and grandmother advised me to strive not to be bc the ordinary individual brought nothing “to the plate”, nothing remarkable or with an inkling if interest. Striving to be anything but ordinary meant putting in some effort to achieve something we liked . Simple and ordinary seem a bit sad. There were never specific individuals they pointed out to be simpletons or ordinary, but the lesson was there. Now JOYFUL we can all embrace! It actually reminds me of a favorite hymn . Being JOYFUL means the heart is singing and we can all use a double dose of happiness and JOY every day. Just wanted to share what connotations can do to wreck a perfectly good tee!

  9. Sandpebble54 Spencer

    When I think of simple, it takes me to a term my mother used when someone was a simpleton, meaning lacking in brain power, so that’s uncomfortable, even tho I know your intention is more in keeping everything light, easy, unimpeded by “too much”. Qqq

  10. Judy K

    I am a new subscriber from North Eastern Pennsylvania my name is Judy I am happy I found your channel. love my cooking pot,but in need of recipes thank you so much Have a lovely weekend !! ( Judy ) ps I just ordered your cookbook

  11. jackie germann

    Love you Flo and Dude♥️thank you

  12. Lilian Tong

    I casted this on my parents' TV and my dad asked "why is Mark Zuckerberg's wife talking about food?"! I said, "That's Flo Lum". He replied "I didn't know that was Zuckerberg's wife's name.". SMH…

  13. Sabrina M

    Signed up as a Patreon. I’m excited and wholeheartedly support you. Cheers!

  14. Katy in NH

    I like to make extras of my sauces and freeze in the right sizes. Works great and I can put the container in warm water to defrost while I prep the rest of the ingredients. Works great for peanut sauce. Much less mess too. Love your channel.

  15. smithk6977

    👍👏 I love my Instant Pots (3,6 & 8 qrt. 😱🤣) & your Vids😁🙋🏼‍♀️

  16. Sidney Mathious

    I love the recipes which take less time to cook my meal and since I am only cooking for one it is easy to do with the Instant Pot. I have chicken cooked in Rice-A-Roni right now which I about to eat before going to bed.

  17. Frederique Zug

    For the next episode, Dude is going to give us,
    5 FAST Time-Saving SPAM Recipes

  18. Donna Mikasa

    I've grown to love my IP thanks to your cookbook and videos. Our favorite is your Tomato and Beef (thought it was going to be one of the five) and now it's time to try the Zuppa!

  19. Randy


  20. Kathy Chan

    Hi love love your channel and learn a lot from you .. Love from Malaysia..

  21. Jenni Graham

    I don't know why I haven't noticed before, you have a lovely smile Flo.

  22. Stephanie Briggs

    Kinda like you heard our conversation last week in our house!! "What meals can we do quick instead of going out" love this and the other video , you did!!

  23. Warren Beers

    Great recipes and tips…Thank you!

  24. Carolyn S

    I know instant pot is hottest appliance right now other than the air fryers, but I do not own either one. 😞 Unfortunately I'm unsubscribing. Good luck with your channel.

  25. next to unknown

    wait where the kids i nevere saw them :O

  26. grace fugate

    Hi playing catch up today I've been missing you guys but just can't get online like I used to. I will be hitting likes today with minor to no comments. It will be hard for me but it's the only way I can arch up on what I've been missing 😘

  27. Darque Queen

    I’m absolutely in love with my Instant Pot. While I do enjoy cooking intricate meals, I find as I get older, I just want simple meals that taste good. Great video! 👍🏽

  28. Kathy Bruner

    The struggle is real…I felt this yesterday! Thanks so much for your help 👍🏼

  29. kim arnette

    Hi from Colorado. Zuppa Toscana is so delicious! 😋 God bless.


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