4 Recipes You Can Make In 10 Minutes ✌️


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10-minute Tomato & Egg Drop Soup:
10-minute Chicken, Eggs & Greens:
10-moment Spicy Pork & Noodle Omelette:
10-moment Hot & Sour Soup:

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Marion Grasby is a foods producer, television presenter and cookbook creator who’s had a daily life-extended adore affair with Asian foodstuff.

Marion is a very little little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a tiny bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to uncover the most exclusive and delectable Asian foodstuff recipes, dishes and substances.

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  1. Kurushi

    There is no way these recipes only take 10 minutes.

  2. Paul Williamson

    Marion where in bkk are you? i'm also in bkk.

  3. Paul Williamson

    do you say frigging?

  4. Ruta Mickus

    Sorry Marion, your egg drop tomato soup just curdled. 🙁

  5. Mar Y

    I love your cooking I will try all of it look so yummy

  6. yashodra fessio

    its a girl..

  7. yichen4

    I just recently found this channel through trying to find laksa recipe. After that, I just binge watch, so much so that it’s 1:30am. Love what you do!

  8. joan walford

    Yummy, easy and delicious recipes

  9. Annie Barcelon

    I love how she presents her cooking. Very breezy. And her recipes look really good!

  10. Victoria Hao

    Omg im hojng to make this egg drop..i hv all the ingredients…tomato just waiting to be cooked.

  11. Jan McLain

    SO glad I found you! Great recipes! Happy to be a new subscriber! I LOVE all things noodle, and cannot stand long to cook, so you are my heroine!

  12. Leia Lello

    Great combo… cute, sweet hostess, amazing vídeos with great shots, great and relaxing background music… and wonderful and tasty receipes wawwww… excellent, I’m astonished …. congratulations , Jehovah bless you!

  13. MyPosse's OnBroadway

    Two things..First off I was never really into egg porn, but you have changed my mind..🤣🤣…Secondly, I have been using sooooo many of your recipes for meal prep…it makes it less boring during the week for my diet…thank you so much! Most of the dishes I simply put over a bed of brown rice or whole wheat noodles…im going to try some of the dumpling recipes using whole wheat dumpling wrappers.

  14. Rajita Ramachandram

    I absolutely love the tomato egg soup! I tried it out and it came out so yum! Thank you so much, Marion for this comforting easy to make soup! Looking forward to try out the rest. 💜

  15. Tracy Hays

    You're the best. My favorite YouTube chef. I've learned so much from you. Thank you!!🙏☀️

  16. Esther Puru

    So easy are these recipes I tried some of them earlier this year now I'm back for more

  17. Ja Tran

    Egg drop soup is my favorite and her recipe is fireeeee

  18. LZBar Zee


  19. The awesome one

    I don't like tomato chunks but i love tomato flavour. Can i do make this with diced tomatoes? Does that impact the flavour in any way?

  20. Mineto S

    Can i use dehydrated shitake mushroom?

  21. Jerry Poh

    Marion, you are awesome!
    Quick dishes, culinary skills, recipes revealed, clips filming, expressions.
    Everything done to perfection!

  22. Fran Nunez

    Do you have a cook book? I would love to buy it if you have one. Please let me know. Thank ou

  23. Vivek Bisht

    goo kha

  24. Rye Quinn

    "10 minute recipe!" … requires stock. :/


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