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Components for Quick Rice breakfast
1 cup rice/तांदूळ
1/3cup Semolina/ रवा
1tbsp environmentally friendly chillie paste/ ठेचा
1tbsp ginger paste/ अदरक पेस्ट
1tbsp cumin seeds/जीरे पूड
Salt as for every taste
2 medium potatoes
1/2 tbsp pink chillie powder/लाल तिखट
1/2tbsp garam masala/गरम मसाला
2_3tbsp environmentally friendly Coriender Leaves/ कोथिंबीर
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  1. Kalpana Munde

    Definitely going to try..all ur recipes are so unique and with easily available ingrediants..keep cooking and keep sharing such amazing recipes😊👍.. Is green chilli paste importanat?

  2. Vegan Flavors

    Very healthy and tasty recipe

  3. Goms Raks

    Delicious and tempting

  4. Pixel Head

    Looks so yummy and tasty

  5. Poku Kuku

    It looks yummy 😋😋

  6. Masara Kitchen

    Great upload… Thanks for sharing

  7. Rayhan Dsouza

    Yummy healthy receipe

  8. Learning is Fun

    Perfect for breakfast

  9. Scope Education

    Really v easy n quick breakfast…n tasty also …must try 👍

  10. Chai garam

    very nice recipe..good one

  11. Nandani Mishra

    Wow superbb delicious😋

  12. Dhank Rang

    thumbs up yummy

  13. Resma Kumari Thakur

    Wow so healthy breakfast recipe..

  14. puja modi

    It's really instant breakfast Recipe I will definitely try hope so taste will also awesome

  15. var vali

    Wow… awesome new n unquie recipe 😋👍👍

  16. Free Verse

    Good healthy breakfast 😋

  17. Trisha P

    This is so quick and healthy recipe ….nakki try karel me

  18. Saleem Ali Jokio

    wow just loved this recipe, so easy and looks delivious..

  19. Neeraj Sreelal

    Very nice Breakfast recipe

  20. Neelima Verma

    Wowww amazing

  21. Prisha's corner

    Really nice. I'll try also

  22. Aaradhya Shahare

    Wow lookes so yummy recipe

  23. suman

    This looks healthy, I will try this in breakfast.

  24. Madhuri mishra

    Superbb delicious😋 healthy breakfast

  25. Swamp Thing

    Soo healthy and delicious recipe 😋😋😋 I will definitely try it 😋😋

  26. Pinki M

    Healthy breakfast option. Loved it

  27. Vrishali Divate

    Tried it ## nice dish # quick breakfast # thank you 😊

  28. Happy World

    Super healthy and unique recipe …loved it

  29. awan king

    Instantly recipe of breakfast 🍳

  30. Cher Faith

    Looks very healthy

  31. Hale Gamboa

    It's look delicious and new recipe for me thanks for sharing 👍

  32. yashika singh

    Looks so Healthy and Tasty Recipe….. Well Explained with Steps

  33. Akash Rahut

    Healthy and yummy breakfast recipes shring 👍


    Very healthy and easy breakfast recipe

  35. Amit Kumar

    wow just loved this recipe, so easy and looks delivious..

  36. Aavya Guptq

    Quick and healthy

  37. creative life

    Thanks for giving me a new breakfast idea

  38. Sonu Dave

    Loved it…it’s Sunday tomorrow will try in breakfast

  39. swati chaurasia

    Healthy n tasty breakfast..👍

  40. Shipra Gupta

    Tasty and easy to cook.

  41. Pradeep Singh

    Very healthy delicious and instant breakfast recipe

  42. jaya bajpai

    Veey healthy and yummy recipe

  43. Subhash komawar

    Really healthy recipe


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